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Apartment Community Shines with Signage Makeover in Westminster CA!

 Oct 23, 2019

Managed by Consensys, the Holiday West Apartments at 7012 Main Street feature spacious living areas and a relaxing pool deck. When the management company decided the venue needed a signage makeover in Westminster, a representative contacted our shop for assistance.

Updating the Signage of an Apartment Complex

Apartment Community Signage Makeover in Westminster CA

We have worked with Consensys before and updated signage for other apartment complexes. This one required several distinct markers.

  • Building sign. Our technicians designed, manufactured, and installed a large sign on the side of one of the buildings. This sign now faces a busy street. Therefore, we increased the size to measure 6’ x 10’, which necessitated the design of two pieces that we seamed together during installation. As you might imagine, it required the utmost precision work. This sign features the venue’s name, its address, and a contact phone number that will allow prospective tenants to reach out to the management company.
  • Post and panel signs. We did a variety of post-mounted signs that used aluminum composite as well as anti-graffiti laminate. One of these signs identifies the rental office, which makes wayfinding easy for current and future tenants who want to speak to a representative.
  • Panel signs. Besides the main building sign, we created additional panels that we mounted to wall surfaces. We also used anti-graffiti-clad aluminum composite for these markers.

Contemporary Signage Design Makes a Difference in Today’s Competitive Rental Market

Apartment Community Signage Makeovers Westminster CA

More and more Southland management companies enlist our assistance with upgrading the signage designs of their apartment complexes. Doing so makes sense. It shows that the management company takes an active hand in managing the properties. Besides that, the contemporary color scheme underscores that this property is not stuck in the 1980s.

We routinely help companies and apartment communities upgrade their signage with simple steps.

  • Box cabinet refurbishing. For apartment buildings that feature lightbox cabinets, there is no need to take down the signage. We can typically refurbish the existing cabinet with a new coat of paint and an updated front. A new sheet of acrylic or polycarbonate with a vinyl overlay does the trick.
  • Monument sign overhauls. A monument is one of the most visible signs you have on your property. When you elect to have us treat this structure, you can make a significant difference in the way that people interact with your brand.
  • Anti-graffiti coatings. By installing anti-graffiti coatings, you prevent unsightly scribbles and spray paint “art” from marring your signage products. Because it can be challenging to prevent graffiti from being done, it is best to avoid its long-term effects from showing up on your signage.
  • Large panel sign displays. Take a page from the playbook of Consensys, and order a larger building panel sign. These types of signs are easy to see from the street and have a distinctive contemporary flair.

Ordering a Signage Makeover in Westminster, CA

Apartment complex signs in Westminster CA

Are you a building manager who wants to upgrade the look and feel of a property? We can help. Invite our team to your location for a site survey. We take measurements and offer input on the sizing of the signs as well as the lettering. Contact us today to start the design process!

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