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3D Lettering and Logos Brand New Commercial Space in Santa Fe Springs, CA!

 May 13, 2021

CarsCover does business at 11850 Hamden Place. For the car enthusiast in search of a car, truck, boat, or motorcycle cover, this business is the go-to solution. In addition to the protection that covers offer from dust, sunshine, and bird droppings, the addition of a lock and cable combination can create effective theft deterrence. When the company needed 3D lettering in Santa Fe Springs, CA, its management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Two Custom Signs Focus Attention on the CarsCover Brand Story

Interior 3D Lettering in Santa Fe Springs CA

After discussing the signage setup with the client, our team got to work. We began the manufacturing process with an acrylic lobby sign. It consists of three-dimensional letters that display the company’s name and logo. We custom-matched the colors to be perfectly in harmony with CarsCover’s online presence.

3D Lettering in Santa Fe Springs CA

Next, we designed the lettering for the monument sign. Look closely, and you will notice the slightly curved nature of the construction. We recommended using PVC rather than acrylic because the material bends more readily, ensuring durability and longevity. It looks similar to the lobby sign, which is ideal for beginning the brand story that the lobby sign then continues.

Now, anyone approaching the venue cannot help but notice the red letters and black logo presentation. It contrasts nicely with the wall colors, which makes the message stand out.

Telling a Brand Story with Signage

logo wall signs for offices in Los Angeles CA

Signs are excellent communicators. They entice, advertise, direct, and encourage consumer engagement. Because businesses have been using them for so long, customers are expecting them. If you have ever entered a store before its interior signage is up, you know that it feels like something is missing.

This brings us to the exciting part: signage is critical for your brand story.

3d lettering for monument signs in LA County

  • Exterior signs. These are customer-focused. They serve to entice passersby to take a closer look. They encourage the impulse to stop. Concurrently, these signs are excellent wayfinding tools.
  • Interior signs – employee-focused. Some signage on the inside focuses your brand’s attention on the staff. There are the word walls in the break room, inspiring sayings as vinyl wall graphics in the training area, and the plaques that recognize excellence at work.
  • Interior signs – customer-focused. Other signs are primarily designed for the benefit of visitors. They welcome the shopper, underscore products that are for sale, and inspire confidence in the brand. For example, lobby signs made of acrylic communicate excellence, creativity, and commitment. If these are part of your brand message, acrylic could be ideal for your signage, too.

Reflect Your Brand Messages with 3D Lettering in Santa Fe Springs, CA

monument sign letters in buena park, ca

How are your signs looking? Are you in need of exterior and interior 3D lettering in Santa Fe Springs, CA? Do you need to up your brand-building game outside? Talk to our specialists about the best material selections and display styles to get your brand story off to a great start. We can also help you with the selection of the style elements for the inside. Whether you need a lobby sign, ADA-compliant products, directories, or something else altogether, our technicians work with plenty of materials and design styles to ensure a customized brand encapsulation.

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