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Wall Mural for Buena Park Navigation Center Sets the Tone for Helping the Homeless!

 Jun 24, 2020

Breaking ground in the middle of 2019, the City of Buena Park committed to building a Navigation Center to assist unsheltered Californians with finding jobs and permanent housing. Fast forward to today, and you will notice that the facility is ready for opening at 6494 Caballero Boulevard. Because the City is a regular client of our sign shop, officials reached out to us to do a detailed wall mural in Buena Park CA that set the tone for the operations.

North Orange County Cities Receive Navigation Center to Help the Homeless

Wall Mural in Buena Park CA

Our team consulted with the client on the scope of the project. Initially, the blank wall was uninspiring and did little to beautify the space that would soon assist unsheltered Californians. Then, we designed a graphic that features several branding elements of the state and city. Moreover, we added the names of the cities that this center now serves.

The image features a blue frame that creates an attractive visual counterpoint to the colorful nature of the graphic itself. Moreover, this color play makes the mural blend in perfectly with the rest of the setting. Now, the Navigation Center’s message is a beacon of hope that will become a welcome sight for the individuals who will be helped by the services offered there.

Why You Should Consider Placing One or More Wall Murals in Your Space

Wall Before the Vinyl Mural Installation

The wall before the vinyl mural installation.

Custom Printed Wall Murals in Buena Park CA

The finished wall mural!

It does not matter if you operate a restaurant, run a storefront, or manage an office space. Murals are excellent signage products that combine an inexpensive setup with unrivaled customization potential. The majority of business owners use the mural as a branding or marketing tool. What does this look like?

  • Corporate history. Nothing attracts more attention than the history of your business. Take the customer back on a journey through the beginnings with replicas of authentic receipts, leases, and similar documents. Some companies have had excellent success with extending these timelines to highlight planned expansions. We frequently install these types of murals in hallways, training rooms, and lobbies.
  • Mission statement. The mission statement is an excellent way of beginning or continuing a brand dialog. You use it to introduce what your company is all about and how it differentiates itself from others in the same niche. Taking up a full wall is a good choice because it forces the visitor to your location to take notice of the information. Our technicians can design a lettering product or add graphics to the mix for a great-looking presentation.
  • Consumer education. In the past, you might have printed informative pamphlets that few customers read. Why not make a significant impact with your space by dedicating a wall to a mural depicting your firm’s volunteerism, vision, product selection, and similar vignettes. Let our graphic artist combine the different images and messages in a way that makes sense and attracts attention.

Are You Thinking of Adding a Wall Mural in Buena Park, CA?

Wall Graphics in Buena Park CA

If we have piqued your interest in the design, fabrication, and installation of a mural, consult with our experts. We assist you with finding the ideal wall space that will do your message justice. Besides that, our team will help you design the type of product that perfectly encapsulates your message. Call us today!

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