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Signs and Graphics for Churches in Orange County, CA – Design, Build, Install!

 Oct 05, 2021

The Yorba Linda Friends Church congregation welcomes worshipers at 5091 Mountain View Avenue. Recently, the ministry team decided it was time to change the color scheme from faded auburn red and white to crisp black and white. The group contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to provide the needed signs and graphics for churches in Orange County, CA.

Sign Package Transforms the Presence of a Faith Family

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County CA

A look at the old monument sign.

Signs and graphics for churches in Orange County CA

Here’s the monument after sign refurbishing!

We worked with the ministry team to understand its vision for the new signage. The project included 18 pole banners, 20 parking lot numbers, 2 directional signs, and 4 new faces for their 2 monument signs. Our technicians used black pre-finished aluminum composite panels to maintain a uniform color palette.

Parking Lot Numbers in Orange County CA

A look at their old parking lot numbers.

Parking lot number signs in Orange County CA

And their new parking lot number signs!

Using our router to cut the panels to size, we created the backdrops for 3M premium cast vinyl. The material is white, and we cut the individual style elements using our Graphtec plotter. The resulting signage is crisp, looks visually attractive, and gets the attention of passersby.

The client loved the finished look and is considering which other signage products should be replaced. 

Do Churches Need Signs? Yes!

Pole Banners in Orange County CA

When discussing the need for signs and graphics for churches in Orange County, CA, many readers are surprised to see us talk about churches. They already know that businesses and schools need signs, but few ever stop to think about the signage requirements of a faith community. While The Friends Church has a large campus, even facilities with smaller venues can benefit from the design, fabrication, and installation of signs.

Possible uses include:

How to Select the Right Design for Your Church Signage

Signs and graphics in orange county, ca

When we work with ministry teams, some do not yet have a cohesive branding strategy. In fact, up until recently, it was not unusual for a church to go by its name and little else. However, the need for marketing and brand-building has reached churches, too, and we are here to assist you with the signage set up at every step of the way.

signs and graphics for churches in orange county, ca

If you already have a symbol and a color palette you like, we gladly work with it. If you have neither, we can assist with designing a logo for all future signage needs. If color play is not an issue, we recommend using a high-contrast color combination. For example, you might take a page from the Friends Church playbook and go black and white.

Other excellent color combinations are green and silver, blue and orange, or red and white. We gladly give you input on material options and ways to save money on your order.

How to Order Your Signs and Graphics for Churches in Orange County, CA

Wayfinding signs in Orange County CA

Connect with Superior Signs and Graphics. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location and conduct a site survey. At that time, we offer you suggestions and begin work on sketches that show what your future signage would look like.

From there, we handle the permitting process and fabricate the products in our shop. Lastly, our team of specialists comes out for the installation. We work with communities of all faiths in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Call us today at (714) 248-5901 to schedule a site survey!

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