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Pole Banners Recognize Top Graduates from Buena Park High School in 2021!

 Jun 21, 2021

Buena Park High School is located at 8833 Academy Drive. Last year, our shop assisted the school with graduation pole banners, for which the City Manager paid half of the cost. The administration was impressed by the banner quality, design, and our overall customer service; they made us their annual provider for these graduation pole banners in Buena Park CA.

Honoring Top Students with Annual Graduation Banners

School Graduation Pole Banners in Buena Park CA

For this year, we used the school’s color and the graphics provided by the top students. Our technicians then designed banners that accommodate these images. Next, we took our installation vehicles and drove to Beach Boulevard, which is one of the busiest streets in the city. It is where City Hall and the police station are.

Once there, we installed the banners on the light posts. Each one shows the photo of a top graduate and the college’s name they will attend in the fall. It is an excellent advertising tool for the school as well as the district. Besides that, it is a fantastic way of honoring the graduates who have worked so hard in a challenging school year.

What Could Your School Do with Custom Pole Banners?

Graduation Pole Banners in Buena Park CA

Our sign shop does a lot of work for schools in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Administrators realize that the material is budget-friendly, looks excellent, and provides a good advertisement for the various campuses.

Student Graduation Pole Banners in Orange County CA

  • Wayfinding. For elementary schools, in particular, graphics are excellent for wayfinding. Place pole banners at the school bus stop, near the school’s entrance, and by the cafeteria. They add splashes of color to the campus and help young learners feel comfortable with their ability to navigate the school.
  • Events. Middle and high schools frequently have concerts and plays. Advertise them on campus and around the neighborhood. These custom banners look nice, introduce passersby to your school, and highlight your art department. If your school favors a science approach, consider the use of banners to advertise science fairs and eventual winners.
  • School colors. Every year, we work with administrators who want to welcome students to a new year with banners. They feature the school’s colors, the mascot, the team, and the name. Alternating banners let you display this information along the campus. We recommend dual, double-sided banners that maximize the surface you have for presenting your message in this setting.

Do You Need Graduation Pole Banners in Buena Park CA?

Custom designed banners in the OC

Now is the time to order your next set of banners for a school. Of course, you do not have to be an administrator to take advantage of the advertising and brand-building opportunities these signs bring to your property. We routinely also work with business owners, such as car dealerships and municipalities, to design, produce, and install seasonal banners.

If you are unsure if this is the right banner solution for your needs, we can also assist you with other products. Examples might include feather flags, mesh vinyl banners, and cloth banners for interior displays. Contact us today to learn more about your options and begin the design process!

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