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Office Wall Graphics and Poster Holders for Businesses in Los Angeles, CA!

 Sep 20, 2023

Sustainable nutrition is a big deal at the Kerry Group. Its research helps companies make better-tasting products and significantly cut food waste. The business’ management team asked our team to put together office wall graphics and poster holders in Los Angeles, CA, that reflect its mission and successes. 

Wall murals in los angeles, ca

Acrylic Panel Poster Holders Display the Company’s Achievements

For this aspect of the project, our technicians put together a set of acrylic poster holders that we mounted to the wall with brushed aluminum standoffs. You see these right when you enter the lobby. They feature information about the company’s mission and its products, along with brand-building information. For other business clients, we used this technique for custom-designed printed wall art for retailers and restaurant wall decor

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