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New Graphics for Monument Sign in Cypress Gives an Updated Look!

 Jul 14, 2017

Monument Sign Updated Graphics in LA and Orange County

Located at 10701 Holder Street in Cypress, Y.S. Health operates with the slogan, “Pursuing 120 Years of a Healthy Life.” At the heart of the operation are the founder’s bee keeping and honey businesses, which he used to create healthy products such as royal jelly and powder. Over time, the firm added other products to its lineup. When it needed new graphics for monument signs in LA and Orange counties, its management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Updating a Monument Sign for a Contemporary, Fresh Look

Monument sign graphics in LA and Orange County

A look at the old sign before the updated graphics!

The team had made some changes to the company’s logo, and it needed the monument sign to reflect the updates. Since the marker was in some disrepair, this time would be an excellent opportunity to upgrade its overall appearance. After consulting with our client, we designed a new set of letters and logos to make the switch.

Our technicians went to the site, removed the old lettering, and repainted the aluminum substrate. When it was looking great again, we added the new vinyl lettering and logos. They seamlessly integrated with the overall setup of the monument sign. Because our graphic artists paid close attention to the spacing and the height requirements, the sign is now perfectly balanced and creates a visually attractive presentation outside the company’s office.

Making a Monument Sign Count

Vinyl Graphics for Monument Signs in LA and Orange County

The new graphics offer a crisp new look!

Business owners like to install monuments because they present an invitation to motorists. By having the signs at the eye height of drivers, companies appeal to these consumers to stop by. Not surprisingly, having the right type of monument is instrumental when you plan on increasing the impulse stop.

But not every monument marker works well. The trick here is to present vibrant colors that draw the attention of driver’s right away. Faded colors, lettering that is too small, and other mistakes make it difficult for the motorist to read the information in the time before passing your entrance. Few consumers will make a U-turn to find out more about your business.

Monument Sign Repairs in LA and Orange County

Does your monument sign need to be updated?

We recommend keeping your monument in pristine condition. If you recently re-branded, this sign is one of the first ones that should display your new logo or color presentation. There are additional tricks to making the marker stand out.

  • Illumination. Built-in lighting is always a good idea. When this does not work for you at this time, consider landscape lighting.
  • A clear line of sight. Too often, monument signs are partially hidden behind trees, shrubs, and vines. Keeping the vegetation trimmed is a must.
  • Bold colors. Making an impression on someone who drives past your venue at 30 to 50 miles an hour is difficult. Bright colors are eye-catching.

Do You Need New Graphics for Monument Signs in LA and Orange Counties?

How does your monument sign look right now? Does it communicate your brand message? Does it look a little tired? Maybe it needs an upgrade. In many cases, you do not need to replace your existing monument sign. Our technicians have plenty of experience with improving existing signage and saving our clients money in the process.

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