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Mesh Fence Banners Brand Anaheim School and Welcome Students and Visitors!

 Apr 10, 2024

Our team worked with the Magnolia School District a couple of years ago to put up mesh fence banners in Anaheim at the Dr. Albert Schweitzer Leadership Academy. At the time, we designed the exterior-facing products with white backgrounds. The client had graffiti problems and asked us to return and redesign the mesh fence banners.

school mascot banners for fencing in anaheim, ca

Redesigning Banners to Brand the Anaheim School

We redesigned the product because graffiti and dirt detracted from the good looks of the white background banners. We started with a black background and added heavy-duty, 175-pound breaking strength, UV-resistant zip ties for every foot of banner length. Not only that, but we reinforced the product’s strength by placing them along the banner’s edges. The material itself already sheds 30% of the wind. Combined with the dark color, these banners discourage graffiti, hide dirt, and stay firmly in place.

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