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Etched & Frosted Glass Graphics Add Elegance and Promote Collaboration for Offices in Irvine, CA!

 May 25, 2022

What do you do when your company operates out of a Class-A office building? Frequently, solid walls have given way to glass enclosures. Moreover, quite a number of these glass panes are of floor-to-ceiling height and installed without visible frames. It is not unheard of to have employees or visitors to the office walk into the glass walls. This is where etched and frosted glass graphics in Irvine, CA, make a significant difference.

etched and frosted glass graphics for offices in irvine, ca

Case Study: A Large Etched Vinyl Project for an Irvine Client

word wall frosted glass graphics for offices in irvine, ca

This business dealt with the problem of employees bumping their heads on glass panels. Besides that, the office management team envisioned wall lettering to highlight the company’s values. Of course, custom etched and frosted glass graphics were a much better option with so few standard walls in the office.

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