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Custom Vinyl Graphics for High School Athletics Press Box on Top of Bleachers in Santa Ana, CA!

 Jun 20, 2023

High school athletics press box graphics in Orange County, CA, are becoming more popular. Many SoCal high schools already have this type of press box made from a repurposed, corrugated shipping container. However, only some have invested in high school athletics graphics like Santa Ana Valley High School.

high school athletics press box graphics in orange county, ca

Returning for Custom-Designed Graphics for High School Sports

This is our second of four projects for this school. Previously, our team designed, produced, and installed heavy-duty mesh fencer banners for the school’s pool deck. It is interesting to note that this is not the first graphic panel for high school athletics press boxes we have done. Earlier, Segerstrom High School needed new signs and graphics for that school’s athletics department, including a press box. That client loved the finished look, and the Segerstrom athletic director referred their counterpart from Valley High School to us.

custom designed graphics for high school sports in orange county, ca

Using Vinyl Graphics for a Press Box

Our technicians used aluminum composite panels. We applied laminated graphics to them and then attached them to the press box. Notice that we did a horizontal section on the front of the box facing the field and a larger section on the rear facing the school. The finished result is a press box that looks as attractive and professional as the pros. It significantly affects how parents, fans, and student-athletes perceive a school’s athletics program.

graphic panels for high school athletics press boxes in orange county, ca

Press Box Vinyl Graphics Offer Several Advantages to Santa Ana Valley High School

Why are high schools more often choosing custom vinyl graphics for the press boxes they have in their stadiums? 

  • School spirit. Vinyl graphics let schools display logos, team colors, and slogans prominently, enhancing school spirit and creating a sense of identity within the athletics program. Besides that, vinyl wraps and graphics are fully customizable to include chants, taglines, and similar details.
  • Professional appearance. These graphics provide a polished and professional look to the press box. They can transform a plain, utilitarian structure into a visually appealing space that reflects the pride and dedication of the school and its athletic department.
  • Program recognition. Vinyl graphics make the press box highly visible and easily recognizable by featuring the school’s name, mascot, and relevant imagery. This can be particularly beneficial for media coverage, as well as for students, parents, and fans attending games or events.
  • Sponsorship opportunities. Graphics offer an opportunity to showcase sponsors and partners, generating revenue for the athletic program. Schools can build relationships with local businesses and gain financial support by displaying sponsor logos or advertisements on a press box. You already see similar products in place on scoreboards.
  • Durability. High-quality vinyl graphics are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including sunlight, rain, and wind. They are fade-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. 

Considerations for Designing High School Athletics Press Box Graphics in Orange County, CA

What is the presentation you want to see? While vinyl graphics enhance the appearance of the press box, it is essential to consider the overall aesthetic impact. Our graphic artist works hard to create visually appealing designs that complement the existing architecture and surroundings, which gives the stadium an excellent finished look.

high school athletics graphics in orange county, ca

Also, we work with clients to decide whether the vinyl graphics will be a permanent fixture or temporary installations for specific events or seasons. Temporary graphics allow for more flexibility, but they may require additional effort and cost for removal and reinstallation. Of course, there is no doubt that high school athletics press box vinyl graphics are a powerful tool for athletics programs. What would you like your school’s box to say?

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