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Mixed Martial Arts Club Shines with New Channel Letter Sign in Buena Park CA

 Mar 02, 2014
Buena Park CA Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are extremely noticeable!

Located at 7233 Orangethorpe Avenue in Buena Park, the Southern California Combat Club is an institution among mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, trainers and champions. Specializing in MMA techniques and guided combat practice, the gym welcomes seasoned fighters as well as those who are still in the process of learning how to blend the various disciplines that are part of this sport in their own fighting styles. When it came time for this MMA club to replace its lettering, the company’s owner chose Superior Signs and Graphics.

Exterior building signs Orange County business owners frequently opt for include channel lettering. The So Cal Combat Club in Buena Park was no exception. When you look at the artistically done marker, you will notice that it reads “Mixed Martial Arts” rather than So Cal Combat Club. While it is true that the business’s owner initially had considered using the company name on the storefront wall, we did a site evaluation and made a different suggestion.

Channel Letter Sign Installation in Buena Park CA

The process of making channel letter signs

Consider that this gym is located on Orangethorpe Avenue just west of Beach Boulevard. This section is well known as the second busiest intersection in Orange County. Getting the marker right has the potential to make a huge difference in the number of visitors a storefront gets. Since it is located right next to the new “The Source” shopping center that is under construction, the marker is bound to get a huge number of impressions on a daily basis.

For would-be fighters who are unfamiliar with the name “So Cal Combat Club,” there is a good chance that the storefront business’s character could be mistaken for a different type of business. This could result in a disastrous loss of visitors to the location. When offering him sketches of our proposed marker, we used the term “Mixed Martial Arts” for the sign. A very popular term at this time, there is no mistaking the type of business that is sporting this signage.

Take a close look. Do you notice that we are using the Batman Forever font? Paired with a unique color scheme for the face-lit LED channel letters, we even used a gradient fill on the “Mixed” portion of the sign so that it mimics the popular UFC Gym logos. These small touches make a huge difference and really help a marker to brand a business. This innovative sign goes hand in hand with the gym’s modern setup. Those who come closer and peek through the window see all kinds of workout and fight gear that is as modern and innovative as the marker. The business owner is happy. Making the decision to identify the business type rather than the venue name has really paid off.

Channel letter signs can have intricate detail

Channel letters signs can be made with intricate detail!

What will you do for your channel letter signs? Buena Park, CA, is a growing business community where plenty of small to medium-sized businesses are setting up their storefronts. Are you taking advantage of name recognition or business identification? Would you know how to do both? When you contact the seasoned graphic artists at our office, you will do just that.

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