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Cal State Fullerton Adds LED Sign to Book and Student Store

 Jun 02, 2015

If you have been following our blog for a while, you know that we have an excellent working relationship with Cal State Fullerton. In the past, we have had the opportunity to create their stadium and concession stand wall wraps as well as a stadium vinyl wall wrap. This time, the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics were called in to install LED signage for the Titan Shops bookstore and student store. Mounting it right above the entry door, it welcomes students, faculty and visitors.

LED Signage Advertises and Brands

LED Digital Signs Orange County

This LED digital sign shines!

LED signs for Orange County retailers are quickly catching on as an excellent marketing and branding solution. When other temporary signage products have threatened to clutter the façade and take away from the crisp and attractive look of the venue, you can get the same information across with just one product. This until displays 12mm resolution, which is considered state of the art. The full color display comes from Optec. To ensure that Cal State Fullerton would get the right unit for its needs, we sent a technician to the Ontario manufacturing facility to pick up the display in person.

Although we preloaded basic content that cheers on the CSUF Titans, the LED unit comes equipped with data cables that we hard wired. This step allows a designed user to change the content as needed. Weighing 350 pounds, we used our bucket truck boom to lift the unit in place and securely install it to the façade. We centered it for an attractive appearance. In addition to providing Titan Shops customers with great marketing information, it now also provides information to those simply walking by.

Are LED Units Right for You?

LED Digital Signs Fullerton CA

We preloaded Titans content!

When you operate a business where announcements are part of the business model, you cannot go wrong with the installation of retail store LED signs. For Orange County merchants, this could pertain to seasonal messages, special deals with hourly expiration dates, daily-changing rates or anything else that sparks interest in your shoppers. You do not have to change your message all that frequently, either. Some retailers have three or four preloaded messages that rotate at preset intervals.

Digital LED Message Board Signs Orange County

Installing the sign!


Moreover, LED signage is an excellent way of connecting with the public at large. Schools and non-profit organizations have discovered that by utilizing this product, it is possible to attract community attention for fundraisers and open house events, which standard banners or other signage solutions simply did not achieve at the same level. The trick here is to judiciously update the messages and use colorful displays in the process.

Integrating LED Units with Existing Markers

LED Changeable message board signs Fullerton CA

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Take a page from the playbook of the Titan Shops and integrate the LED unit into your façade’s overall look. With an already existing cabinet sign in place, it is nevertheless possible to add the signage simply by playing around with the mounting location and size. Positioning it perfectly centered right underneath the existing sign makes it look as though it had been there all along. Call us today for more information on this signage product and to learn how to integrate the LED unit with your existing markers.

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