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Brushed Metal Lobby Sign for Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental Office!

 Feb 03, 2015

Located at 1010 East Chapman Avenue in Fullerton, Craft Smiles Dental is a full-service oral health care provider. Whether you need general dentistry treatments, dental implants, fillings, cosmetic work or want to invest in Invisalign to beautify your smile, the doctors at this office can help. When it came time to beautify the reception area with one of the must-have lobby signs Fullerton, CA, medical services providers commission, the office’s management team contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Brushed metal lobby signs Orange County

Attractive, sleek and professional!

We discussed the look of the desired signage product with the management team. We learned that the dental office wanted to mimic the logo that they are using extensively on the dentists’ website. The blue and silver coloration of this look is perfectly achieved with brushed metal. The marker now advertises the office’s name and displays the logo. The doctors’ names are placed underneath. The look is chic, professional and perfectly copies the website’s look.

Why is a Recognizable Logo so Important in a Lobby Sign?

Retailing Today reveals that consumers do their research online before making a buying decision. It matters little if the product is health care, consumer goods or luxury items. In fact, an estimated 81 percent of consumers research a name, brand and business location online before ever setting foot inside the venue. As a result, it matters that a company’s name and logo is easy to recognize inside the lobby of the business. When the shopper enters the commercial locale, there is an immediate recognition, which in turn provides a sense of belonging. A customer who feels that she belongs is one who is likely to complete the transaction and also comes back.

Lobby signs for dental offices in Orange County

Logo lobby signs brand and promote!


Transferring this Knowledge to the Medical Field

Feeling a sense of belonging is crucial in the medical field. The investment in health care, particularly big-ticket items like cosmetic dentistry and elective procedures, calls for an emotional connection between the office and the consumer. This is why Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental proves itself to be on the cutting edge of the marketing trend. By adding one of our brushed metal lobby signs, Fullerton, CA, patients now easily recognize this group of medical professionals from their online research.

When you operate a clinic, this level of recognition is crucial.

  • Builds trust. The patient feels that there is already a connection. Due to prior online research, the logo is now familiar. When this logo is repeated in the foyer as a lobby sign, the perceived connection is strengthened.
  • Brands. Brushed metal is an excellent material for an office that prides itself on a time-honored tradition for excellent care. If you are in the field of pediatrics, consider the use of acrylic letters that are colorful and look fun. The crisp look of the lettering appeals to the adults. The bright colors appeal to the children. In short, your reception area signage brands your practice to the patients and their caregivers.
  • Markets. A well-designed and professionally installed lobby sign is a hallmark of a medical professional who cares about the clinic’s image. Patients want to know that the professional cares. In contrast, an outdated or homemade sign is not as convincing in this setting.
Brushed aluminum lobby signs Orange County

Material options for lobby signs are endless!

Talk to our professional lobby signage experts today for more information on these products and to get started on your order. We can show you how easily we can transform your website’s logo into a sizable foyer marker that wows patients and clients.

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