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Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Sign for Advisory Firm in Los Angeles Stands Out!

 Aug 20, 2018

Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Sign Santa Ana CA

ADDO Investor Relations changes the way investors think about your business. It affects your standing on Wall Street. For smaller companies, this service can be a game changer. When the business’ management team contacted our sign shop, its representative asked for the design of a brushed metal lobby logo sign in Los Angeles.

Brushed Metal Makes a Business Stand Out

We worked with the business to create an appearance that highlights its branding. Three-dimensional lobby signs are a great way to show off what makes you different in an eye-catching manner. In this setting, the logo portion is above the lettering, which frames the corporate person. The brushed metal contrasts beautifully with the gray of the wall surface.

Custom Lobby Logo Wall Signs Los Angeles

Twice the branding by adding your logo to your lobby sign!

Visitors to the venue cannot help but notice the custom lobby sign that defines the focal wall presentation. Look closely, and you will see that we positioned the product to display above the corners of the cubicles in the foreground. This setup was no accident. Our goal was to ensure complete visibility even on a floor bustling with activity.

Choosing a Metal Look that Complements Your Office

Customization is the essential element for having a lobby sign that hits all the right notes. As a result, we approach each business client with an eye on the need for an excellent brand message. It starts with the selection of the metal.

Most clients like the way that brushed aluminum looks in their spaces. It brings elegance, chic, and pizzazz to a wall’s surface. However, there are other options, too. Brass brings a classic look to any location. This is particularly true when you select a polished finish. Bronze, on the other hand, can emphasize your longevity in the niche. Heighten this appeal with artificial oxidization.

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

Brushed metal lobby signs offer a professional look!

Next, consider the display of your corporate persona. Take a page from the playbook of ADDO Investor Relations and choose brushed metal dimensional letters. That said, you might also look to a board presentation with routed letters that create a visually stunning display of your company’s name and logo.

Finally, think about illumination. Typically, business clients aim ceiling-mounted spotlights at their lobby signs. However, a new trend is sweeping the L.A. area. It involves built-in lighting for lobby signs. Some decide to have scaled down channel letters installed in their lobbies. Others opt for LED backlighting that provides a halo of illumination, which bathes each style element in a soft glow.

How to Order a Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Sign in Los Angeles!

Custom designed logo wall signs for lobbies Los Angeles CA

Ready to customize your lobby sign?

There is a lot to consider when deciding it is time to upgrade your lobby sign. Maybe this is the first lobby marker that you put up. Our experts can help you choose the right metal as well as the ideal finish for your setting. Moreover, we offer you advice on colors and lighting choices.

Do not leave your brand presentation to chance. You have one opportunity of impressing visitors to your location and reinforcing the understanding that you are the company to do business with. Talk to our team today to make it happen.

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