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New Graphics for Building and Monument Signs for Buena Park Computer Systems Company!

 Nov 18, 2019

Customers find Autologue Computer Systems at 8452 Commonwealth Avenue, right around the corner from our sign shop! This business had older signs that had faded and were cracking. Besides that, their cabinets were in dire need of some attention. We gladly assisted with refurbished building and monument signs in Buena Park CA!

Signage Refurbishing with Building Graphics and a Monument Sign

refurbished building and monument signs in Buena Park CA

We started the job with an assessment of the existing signage. Our technicians needed to find out if the cabinets were in good condition, which they were. Our team then primed and painted the cabinets for a fresh, new look.

At the shop, we manufactured two 16-foot-wide building signs. Besides that, we also created a new facing for the post and panel monument sign. For this one, we added an anti-graffiti laminate, which protects the firm’s investment in its signage upgrade.

Who Benefits from Anti-Graffiti Laminate?

Refurbished Monument Signs in Buena Park CA

Graffiti is a sad reality in the Southland. In the past, the defacing scribbles meant that a business owner had to hire a maintenance crew to attempt and save the sign – usually by painting over the graffiti and trying to match the color play. In extreme cases, graffiti meant that the company had to replace the sign.

As you might imagine, this was an expensive undertaking. However, our anti-graffiti laminate adds a layer of protection. If someone does spray paint or scribble on the sign with a permanent marker, there are cleaners you can use to erase the graffiti. Now, all you need is a soft cloth and cleanser. Your sign looks like new.

Signage Refurbishing is a New Trend in Orange County

Cabinet Sign Refacing in Buena Park CA

The famous Southern California sunshine tends to fade signs and causes cabinetry paint to peel. However, there is no need to commission new signs every time the sun fades your products. In fact, Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in refurbishing existing signs whenever possible.

Take a page from the playbook of Autologue, and enlist our assistance in the refurbishing of existing cabinet signs. Typically, these types of projects call for acrylic or carbonate sign facings with vinyl overlays. A coat of paint rejuvenates the cabinetry.

More and more Orange County business owners are now going this route. They are saving money on their signage products after we finish their projects. Because many also opt for the anti-graffiti coating, there are plenty of great-looking signage products around.

Invite Our Team for a Site Survey

Graphics for monument signs in Buena Park CA

Could your business be a good candidate for refurbished building graphics and a monument sign in Buena Park, CA? Maybe you have a post and panel setup that is beginning to show its age. Besides that, we can also refurbish many types of existing monument signs. In most cases, they only need minor repairs and paint as well as some new lettering.

If you are unsure whether your signage is suitable for refurbishing, invite our team out for a site survey. We will inspect the products and tell you upfront how much useful life there is left in the framework. If it makes more sense to replace the signs rather than refurbish them, we will tell you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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