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Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Professional Collision Auto Body & Paint!

 Oct 28, 2015

When you are in the collision repair, vehicle maintenance and car paint business, you already know that the first impression your shop makes on the consumer is a lasting one. Although word-of-mouth is the primary form of advertising for this type of business, there is still plenty of foot traffic that comes in. Lobby signs for auto body shops in Orange County, CA, have the power to make that great first impression and encourage the most discerning driver to entrust a ride to your care.

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signage

Lobby signs for auto body shops Orange County

This lobby sign reveals instantly what this company is all about!

Case in point is Professional Collision Auto Body & Paint. Located at 11737 Cardinal Circle in Garden Grove, this shop specializes in making damaged vehicles look like new. The exterior’s carefully maintained façade and signage signal that this shop means business. Step inside, and you now notice the dimensional letter lobby sign that displays on the focal wall. The letters spell out the name of the business and appear with a matte finish. Right above, you see the silhouette of a vehicle in a lighter aluminum color.

Using a Lobby Sign for Communicating Your Approach to Doing Business

This type of product has the power to market your business, position your brand and set the tone for the experience that a customer or client expects to have at your company. The latter portion makes this signage such an important advertising tool for your lobby. By expressing your overall attitude to doing business, you make the job of your representatives a lot easier.

Custom lobby signs for auto collision centers in Orange County

We can customize your lobby sign!

  • Create an atmosphere. What does your lobby sign say about your business model? Is it traditional, unusual or high-volume? The attitude your sign presents governs the client’s response to your staff’s product presentation.
  • Give the client a vision. A bankruptcy attorney with a brass metal lobby sign exudes a traditional atmosphere that tells the client how a case is handled. In contrast, if this type of professional presents with an avant-garde signage display, the client expects out-of-the-box thinking and innovative case resolutions.
  • Welcome those doing business. A niche specific graphics display, as is the case for this auto body professional, welcomes motorists and those who view cars as a hobby. Appealing to your target demographic and related groups has the power to bring in more clients.

Signage Options Allow for Customization

Whether you need dimensional letter lobby signs for auto collision centers in Orange County, CA, or are looking for new office signage that fits into a health care facility or other business, the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics can help. We understand that customization is the key element for a successful sign. As a result, we routinely work with representatives from all business types.

Since we design lobby markers using a broad range of materials and sizing options, we can adapt any display to fit your company’s unique aspects. When needed, we reach for unusual materials such as glass or marble. If your company’s colors are highly unusual, we seek to incorporate them according to your specifications. Call us today to find out more about this signage product.

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