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Attorney Assistance Center Wins Big with Lobby Sign and Interior Directory in Irvine CA!

 Feb 10, 2020

Late last year, our sign shop had the opportunity to work with Inservio in Irvine. At that time, this client requested etched and frosted glass graphics for the office. These products boosted privacy and reduced distractions for customers in the facility. This time, the client commissioned lobby logo and directional signs in Irvine. Read more about this project on our Signworld Go website!

Embracing Branding and Wayfinding with Elegant Signage

Lobby Sign and Interior Directory Sign in Irvine CA

Our technicians began the project by preparing the lobby sign. The client had ordered a brushed aluminum panel that we clad we die-cut vinyl to present the business’ corporate persona. Because there were gradient color changes as part of the logo design, this method was the ideal selection. Finally, we mounted the finished product with brushed aluminum standoffs to the wall.

Interior Directory Sign in Irvine CA

For the directional signs, we ensured that they would go into a location that was central and would allow visitors to the venue to orient themselves. We measured the wall surface and cut quarter-inch-thick PVC accordingly. Our technicians fabricated high-resolution photos of reclaimed wood that would become the background. They took the images from the tables that are at the venue.

It gives the signs the appearance of being manufactured from elegant wood. By adding arrows to the designations on the signs, it is easy for customers to find their ways around the building. Our team used quarter-inch spacers to install the boards. Their appearance is ideally suited for the venue’s overall ambiance.

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