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Wall Graphics & Murals in Buena Park, CA

Wall Graphics And Murals Are The Printed Wallpaper Solution That Makes A Big Impact For Businesses in Buena Park, CA!

Everyone has walls at their store or business – so why not use them to advertise, set the mood, or create a unique theme or message? With the advent of digital printing, wall graphics have exploded into a category that was previously all done by hand painting.  Now you don’t need an artist to create wall murals and vibrant graphics – just call Superior Signs and Graphics! We service Irvine, and all of Orange County, CA!

Types of Wall Graphics and Murals

Types of wall graphics are typically sorted by coverage…so options are full wall wraps, partial wall wraps, or die-cut wall decals and lettering. The choice depends upon your goal. A focal point wall with logo and company promise might fit best as a partial wrap at the lobby entrance – while a themed restaurant dining room wall might work best with a full wrap. Decals and lettering can be spot placed for maximum effect – if the wall color is an appropriate background color. Exterior walls can also be wrapped, even brick or block surfaces when the right wall film is chosen.

Finishes and Material Choices

We use premium 3M vinyls and protective overlaminates because of their superior quality and durability.  For indoor applications, a matte finish laminate is preferred as it knocks down the glare from overhead lighting. Exterior applications in natural light can be done in matte, or semi-gloss. Textured and brick surfaces require a conformable cast vinyl (more expensive), while totally flat/smooth walls can use a less expensive calendared wall film. Ultimately, once we are chosen for the project – we’ll send a representative to adhesion test your walls and double check dimensions and obstructions.  That test will tell us the least expensive option that will adhere to your wall surface. The wall test is very important and a step that most other companies don’t take!

Design and Layout of  Your Artwork

We have an experienced Graphic Design staff that can assist your with the design of you wall graphics, or they can simply layout your vector artwork to fit your wall space – and place important components away from obstacles like doors and windows.  We can help source stock photos and images, and you can even use our online HP Wall Art site to design your own walls online.

Installation of Your Wall Graphics By a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer in Buena Park, CA!

Because wall wraps are installed in vertical panels like wallpaper, the installer needs to be very skilled to line up all of the graphics at the seams between each panel. We received our 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation from 3M by completing a rigorous testing and certification program. The designation means that we train and use our in-house installers to put up your wall graphics – not a 1099 contract installer like many other graphics companies use. The difference is that we will stand by our work – because we installed it! You can even check out a case study done on one of our largest wall wrap installations HERE.

How To Get Your Wall Graphics Project Started

To receive a FREE QUOTE, we just need the size of your wall (height x width), and whether the surface is textured or totally smooth…that is it! Once our quote is approved, we’ll get you set up with a design appointment – at our facility or virtually, and we’ll schedule the wall adhesion testing. Then just a few rounds of design proofing and we’re ready to produce and install your new wall graphicsBuena Park!  Call (714) 739-2855 or click below to get started!

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