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Foam Letters in Buena Park, CA

Foam Letters And Building Logo Signs Give A Great Look At A Great Value For Your Buena Park Business!

Building logo signs and lettering can be expensive – especially if you want a thick letter/logo for a more prominent look. Foam letters are a great alternative to more expensive materials like acrylic or aluminum. The thick letters can have a choice of laminated faces and from a distance or elevation – the viewer cannot tell the letters are made from a foam material. They may also be ideal if there is a chance of a logo change or location move in the foreseeable future, and minimal investment in today’s sign is desired.

Material Options for Foam Letters

Most exterior foam letters are constructed of 2lb. signfoam in either 1” or 2” thickness.  The pound rating refers to the density of the foam with higher numbers being denser.  The foam letters are protected by a laminated face – either painted acrylic or painted metal face, or by a brushed silver laminated face. Although the 2lb. signfoam can degrade from the UV exposure of the sun over the course of a number of years, the laminated faces allow the letters to always be viewed correctly.  Options to slow the degradation of the foam sides are repainting after 3 years use, or moving to a more expensive 10lb signfoam – also called high density urethane.  At more than 2X the cost, the HDU has more than 2X the lifespan when used in exterior applications.

Foam Letters Design and Fabrication in Buena Park, CA

We have our own in-house Graphic Design staff that can help you decide on sizing and placement of your sign via virtual proofing and sizing on your building photo. They will use the final approved virtual design for the city permitting process if required. We fabricate foam letter signs in-house using our state-of-the-art computer controlled Laguna CNC Router table. Painting options include standard colors and PMS color matching is available.

Foam Letters Installation and Permitting Services in Buena Park, CA

We are a licensed C-45 Sign Installation Contractor and are licensed for all types of sign installations.  We offer sight survey and permitting services, and have our own installation vehicles and equipment as well as additional resources available to us through strategic alliances.  Installations of foam letter signs and logos are done with a computer plotted installation template for maximum installation accuracy. We schedule installations at times that are the least disruptive – typically in the early AM. We service Anaheim, Buena Park and all of Orange County, CA!

Get Your Foam Letter Project Started Today!

Call the Superior Signs Team today to get your sign started!  You will simply be asked to provide a vector version of your company logo file, the size of the sign you would like – either total width or letter height, the thickness of the letters and laminated face choice (painted metal, brushed metal or painted acrylic). We’ll take it from there and will provide proofs prior to production! Call (714) 739-2855!

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