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Dimensional Lettering in Anaheim, CA

Dimensional Letters And Building Logos That Help Brand Your Business – Whether You Are in Anaheim, CA!

Every business needs a sign on the exterior of the building to let customers know they are there, and to guide them in.  But properly done, three-dimensional lettering and building logos can make your business brand really stand out!

Dimensional Lettering Material Options

We offer many materials and have a solution for almost any need.  Materials options from lowest to highest cost are Foam with laminated face, painted PVC, painted acrylic, and brushed aluminum. We can also add brushed or polished aluminum faces to foam, PVC or acrylic letters/logos. Thicknesses range from ¼” to 2” thick, and we can paint custom logo colors if provided the PMS color codes.

Foam With Laminated Face – The Inexpensive Option

2lb Signfoam is cut from either 1” or 2” thick sheets, and then a laminated face is added to keep the lettering sharp and easy to read.  We prefer painted aluminum faces vs painted acrylic as they are lighter and less expensive. This is an inexpensive way to achieve a thick letter, but the foam edges will degrade from the sun over time.  Repainting the edges every few years or moving to a more dense and expensive 10lb signfoam will add to the lifespan of foam letters. Foam letters are not dense enough to thread studs into the back – so they cannot be offset/pin mounted and must be flush mounted with adhesive.

Painted PVC and Acrylic – Longer Lasting and Can Be Pin Mounted

PVC and acrylic are plastics – with PVC being a dense foam.  Although PVC is less expensive than acrylic, it does not have as smooth of an edge when cut and can absorb paint on the edges causing a less even edge color.  Both of these long-lasting flat cut out material options can be produced in thickness from ¼”-1”, and are typically stud mounted – either flush or pin mounted with spacers. We can add brushed or polished aluminum laminated faces for an upscale look.

Brushed Aluminum – The Premium Solution

If your building lettering/logo needs to be in full color – then we don’t recommend aluminum as it is expensive and hard to tell from acrylic once painted.  If you want the brushed metal face and forever durability of unpainted aluminum – then ¼” thick to 3/8” thick brushed aluminum is a great choice! These premium letters need to be stud mounted due to their weight, and often are pin mounted with spacers to give the appearance of a thicker letter.

Fabrication and Installation Done In-House

We have recently installed the latest Laguna CNC Router bed in our facility and custom make our letters and logos to order.  Paint options include PMS color reproduction, or standard colors, and even anodizing of brushed metals. We are a licensed C-45 Sign Installation Contractor and have our own aerial equipment and preferred partners to help when we can’t reach. We even provide permitting services.  Our professional installation process includes computer plotted installation templates for maximum accuracy.

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