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3D Exterior Lettering and Logo for New Law Offices in Santa Ana!

 Jul 10, 2018

3D Lettering for Monument Signs in Santa Ana CA

A few months ago, we worked with representatives from the Simon Law Group in Santa Ana to design anti-graffiti commercial property “For Lease” signs. When the client contacted us this time around, it was to talk about the design of 3D exterior lettering and logo style elements for their monument sign!

Outfitting a New Office’s Exterior with Signage

The firm took over a location where the previous tenant had lettering in the same spot that the client wanted it. It is a brick wall that looks like a monument sign. Our team went out to inspect the venue and check on the wall’s overall condition. Next, we designed the lettering.

3D Lettering for monument signs Santa Ana CA

Stand out with your logo and 3D lettering!

Our technicians used three-quarter-inch-thick acrylic that we cut into the right shapes. We added faces with navy blue sides to match the logo. Moreover, this design ensures that the letters contrast perfectly with the darker brick background. For the logo portion of the signage, we used a vinyl print overlay with a round piece of PVC.

Finally, we prepared the wall surface for the installation. We ensured that none of the prior tenant’s signage setup would be “ghosting” and disrupting the good looks of the firm’s signage. The team installed the three-dimensional letters and logo with studs and half-inch spacers. Now, the sign welcomes new and prospective clients with a chic appearance on the curved wall surface.

Monument Sign Lettering Makes a Difference in Your Brand Presentation

Three dimensional lettering for monument signs in Santa Ana CA

Dimensional lettering great for monument signs!

For drivers, the monument sign is typically the first exposure to your brand message. The same is true for companies with storefronts that are set back from the street. Without the right signage components in place, it is difficult to find you. More importantly, in some cases, it may prevent the impulse stop, which can have a significant adverse effect on your bottom line.

The letters you choose for a monument sign are just as important as those that you pick out for your lobby marker. For example, acrylic impresses with its durability and overall good looks. It is the ideal material for the company that wants to stress its out-of-the-box thinking abilities.

Another option is metal. It bespeaks refinement and a commitment to staying at the current location for a long time. Some business clients have had excellent success with routed high-density urethane (HDU) boards that feature a colorful rendition of the logo and lettering. These presentations are typically a great option for Southern California beach cities that cultivate a distinctive small-town feel in downtown areas.

Choosing Your 3D Exterior Lettering and Logo Display

Monument Sign Lettering Santa Ana CA

Need lettering for your monument sign?

Whether you have a curved wall surface, a straight setup, or a monument in a shape that you do not know what to do with, we can help. Our graphic artist routinely works with companies that take over existing properties with signage presentations already in place. We can show you how to save money by refurbishing some of these surfaces with your brand display.

Of course, if you prefer to do something completely different, we can help you with that as well. Our sign shop specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of a broad range of monument signs. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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